We are a non-profit association focused primarily on Real Estate Education, that meets once a month with guest speakers, to share ideas mainly on Real Estate, Taxes, and Asset Protection. Our guest speakers include local seasoned investors, attorneys, CPA’s, Realty brokers, stock speakers, our own members, and some of the best real estate gurus from around the country!  We have investors of all levels. First time Visitors are welcomed to visit for $20 (which we will credit towards your membership if you join the same night). For Membership Click on the “Join” Link above for form to print and mail. We usually meet on the 4th Monday of each month at 6pm. Click on “Map & Directions” link for location. See “Benefits” Link for more details of membership. If you are serious about learning how to make money in Real Estate, join us for the best education, and networking in Birmingham. Bring a note pad, and plenty of your business cards, and get to know fellow investors to learn how they do what they do! For more Information, visit our Core Values page or contact:

 Jack Eyer JEInsurance@aol.com (205) 823-9008

*Monthly Meeting*
*Monthly Meeting*
September 26, 2016
5:30pm Registration

5:30  Archie Phillips with “Newbies”  + VENDOR HOUR

6:30   ORIENTATION – Learn about Special Membership Benefits   JACK EYER

Guest Speaker

Upscale Assisted Living Homes

What If… You Could Earn $10,000 per Month…

NET Cash Flow… For LIFE… or Longer?


Earn $5,000 – $15,000 in Cash Flow from One Single Family Home

Learn How to Succeed Using a Proven Formula

Manage It… Hands Off!

This is a NEW business and investment formula– an opportunity for ANYONE to succeed –

from investors and entrepreneurs to normal people and families.

Could you “get by” with $10,000 of monthly income?

Residential Assisted Living Academy coming to AIA on 9/26/16 for presentation on this subject. Could be our biggest meeting of the year, don’t miss it. You will find it intriguing, if not very interested in this Investment Opportunity!

Check it out at



Tuesday morning TRAINING with Gene Guarino

7:45 am – 1:00 pm

5 Hours Training on Assisted Living Homes

AIA Member $49,  Visitor $69  Lunch provided

Innovation Depot, 1500 1st Ave N

GENE GUARINO – Residential Assisted Living Academy coming to
AIACLUB.COM on 9/26/16 for presentation on this subject. Could be our biggest meeting of the year, don’t miss it. You will find it intriguing, if not very interested in this Investment Opportunity!

For Tuesday Morning Training, Arrive 7:45 Am  until  1PM We will have a 5 Hour Small Group meeting for in depth Details on this subject = $49 AIA members, $69 non members at Innovation Depot starting at 8AM – lunch provided. Limited to 25 so RSVP soon as you know you are interested.  Bring check to AIA.  . 

See : 

ARCHIE PHILLIPS meets with NEWBIES at 5:30PM. 

TONY YOUNGS – Coach and Mentor starting his Fall Training with individuals 1 on 1`Personal Attention Training with Tony. AIA members are crazy about Tony Youngs.. He will be at the meeting so come and discuss your situation with Tony. 

Insurance & Real Estate
205-586-4260 cell


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Chasity &  Demika

Regular Meeting Location
 Homewood Senior Center
816 Oak Grove Rd Homewood AL 35209
Map and Directions

*Members Lunch*
2nd Tuesday each month
Members Monthly Luncheon
Is on the 2nd Tuesday each month.
Lunch is at 1:15pm

Sol Azteca 

 1360 Montgomery Hwy #128,
Birmingham, AL 35216


1st Tuesday : OF EACH MONTH –  BREAKFAST at
EDGARS-COLONADE 8am  Contact : Jeinsurance@aol.com
“PRIVATE LENDING”- get high interest with your CD money
or Retirement IRA, and supply Investors with needed funding.

2nd Tuesday : AIA LUNCHEON  1:15 pm
Come and share your “I HAVE and I WANT”.

3rd Monday: AIA MEETUP for Eastern AIA Members
at 5:30 Jim Huggins Realty – Leeds. guests free.
Contact : KATHA  369-2250. or  Jim.

4th Monday: MAIN MEETING at 5:30pm.
Vendor & Networking Hour then Local or National