We are a non-profit association focused primarily on Real Estate Education, that meets once a month with guest speakers, to share ideas mainly on Real Estate, Taxes, and Asset Protection. Our guest speakers include local seasoned investors, attorneys, CPA’s, Realty brokers, stock speakers, our own members, and some of the best real estate gurus from around the country!  We have investors of all levels. First time Visitors are welcomed to visit for $20 (which we will credit towards your membership if you join the same night). For Membership Click on the “Join” Link above for form to print and mail. We usually meet on the 4th Monday of each month at 6pm. Click on “Map & Directions” link for location. See “Benefits” Link for more details of membership. If you are serious about learning how to make money in Real Estate, join us for the best education, and networking in Birmingham. Bring a note pad, and plenty of your business cards, and get to know fellow investors to learn how they do what they do! For more Information, visit our Core Values page or contact:

 Jack Eyer JEInsurance@aol.com (205) 823-9008

Alabama Real Estate Investors Association

Monday March 26, 2018

Homewood Sr. Center
Orientation/Registration 5:00pm

INVESTORS when it is a Hot Selling Market- kind of dumb to not become a Fix and Flipper. LEARN FROM THE BEST, and they will be LIVE to TEACH and Q&A both Monday, then again all day on April 7th the CEO of Fixters Join us.
FIX AND FLIPS which are really HOT right now. It is truly a SELLERS MARKET- BECOME ONE and get your Profits… 

ROB TERRANOVA- Pres. from Denver Colorado and FIXTERS will be our Guest Expert Speaker on FIX and FLIPS Training.
*FIRST TIME VISITORS FREE. Members May bring first-time guests free including spouses. 
CEO TOM HURFORD of The Fixters will Join us April 7th For all day FIX and FLIP Accelerated Training Academy starting at 9AM Saturday. Limited Seating (50) so get signed up. No substitutes, no inexperienced, these guys are the Real Deal Flippers from Denver Colorado. Visitors $30 for this meeting. AIA is FREE.

Fixters… Details Here

Home Flipping Highest in 11 Years

According to their 2017 Q4 U.S. Home Flipping Report, ATTOM Data Solutions says that in 2017, 207,088 single family homes & condos were flipped representing their highest level since 2006.  The 207,088 homes that were flipped in 2017 represented 5.9% of all single-family home & condo sales in 2017, up from 5.7% of all sales in 2016 and represents the highest level since 2013.
AGENDA for Monday Night:
5:00 PM  CHECK IN and Vendor + Network HOUR – meet Vendors and learn about Member Benefits.
6:00 to 6:30 ORIENTATION of AIA/ALREIA resources and more Networking.
6:30 to 8:00  ROB TERRANOVA a Major FIX AND FLIP COMPANY of Denver Colorado. See details on ROB.
8:15 until DINNER with Speaker and Others at MUGSHOTS GRILL in Vestavia Hills.
FRIDAY’s 2:30 pm GUARANTEED FINANCING at 5% Preferred Rates building your Own Banking System! A major item in Real Estate Success is financing. Come and learn JACK EYER’s METHOD of Financing for over 35 years of avoiding Closing Costs on his purchases & saving interest and, Buying with CASH= discounts, and amazingly, was never told NO for Loans. You must have Collateral in cash, or build it over 5 years. NO Bank Financing gives you loans without Collateral, and then only at 70% of that collateral amount, but Jack gets 100% of collateral lending. Tenants pay it all back for him, while growing his cash account which currently earns 6.1% risk & tax-free forever. I have saved over $200,000 in just Closing costs, fees, points on purchases, no appraisals, no surveys. I prefer not wasting those profit dollars, not paying much higher Interest Rates 10 & 15% elsewhere!
Location: One Perimeter Park next to Hilton on 280 1st Floor Penn Mutual offices. SEATS for only 8 per Friday, so Pre Register required, but get signed up for one of these Friday meetings by Emailing Jack @ JEINSURANCE@AOL.COM or calling/texting him at 205 586 4260. Learn about ALL OTHER AIA sources of Financing including Hard Money, AIA member Lenders, Lima and Visio both sponsors in AIA. There is NO Cost to members or visitors for this meeting. Don’t be forced to deal with GWEEDO, get Guaranteed Financing & Preferred Terms…
Serving & Educating Investors for 31 Years now! 

Sherwin Williams Sale!

(View/Download Full PDF Sale Ad Here)
If you have any needs for equipment, sprayers etc., please contact Brandon and he will take care of you!

Tuesday Lunch…
April 10, 2018 1:15pm

Moe’s Original BBQ

1:15pm on
2520 Rocky Ridge Rd. Vestavia Hills, AL 35243


5PM BUSINESS MEMBER HOUR- Network with them and members.
VISITORS = Repeat $30, First Timers $20

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Late Night!

8:30 pm – till late…
Night Owls Networking Dinner @
Grill & Bar in Vestavia Hills behind Panera Bread.
Meet us After THE Meeting for:

🔷 Night of Networking & Friendship

🔷 Food & Drinks

🔷 Lots a FUN

Mugshots Grill & Bar – Vestavia Hills, AL
Restaurant · The Vestavia Hills City Center
Vestavia Hills, AL · (205) 824-9030
Address: 1919 Kentucky Ave #101, Vestavia Hills, AL 35216

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*Members Lunch*
2nd Tuesday each month
Members Monthly Luncheon
Is on the 2nd Tuesday each month.
Lunch is at 1:15pm


Finally Meet the new ALREIA CHAPTER Partners that helped us Launch in GULF SHORES/BALDWIN CO. last weekend with 45 present in our meetings. Kelly McCracken on the left in photo is the Director in Gulf Shores. There is many exciting things going on in this different marketplace to offer for EACH side. Will tell you about some of them at the meeting…. Jack Eyer- AIA Chairman

Insurance & Real Estate
205-586-4260 cell

Thank You! to Our Home Depot ProDesk Reps

Demika & Chasity

Regular Meeting Location
 Homewood Senior Center
816 Oak Grove Rd Homewood AL 35209
Map and Directions

*Members Lunch*
2nd Tuesday each month
Members Monthly Luncheon
Is on the 2nd Tuesday each month.
Lunch is at 1:15pm

Sol Azteca 

 1360 Montgomery Hwy #128,
Birmingham, AL 35216


1st Tuesday : OF EACH MONTH –  BREAKFAST at
EDGARS-COLONADE 8am  Contact : Jeinsurance@aol.com
“PRIVATE LENDING”- get high interest with your CD money
or Retirement IRA, and supply Investors with needed funding.

2nd Tuesday : AIA LUNCHEON  1:15 pm
Come and share your “I HAVE and I WANT”.

3rd Monday: AIA MEETUP for Eastern AIA Members
at 5:30 Jim Huggins Realty – Leeds. guests free.
Contact : KATHA  369-2250. or  Jim.

4th Monday: MAIN MEETING at 5:30pm.
Vendor & Networking Hour then Local or National