We are a non-profit association focused primarily on Real Estate Education, that meets once a month with guest speakers, to share ideas mainly on Real Estate, Taxes, and Asset Protection. Our guest speakers include local seasoned investors, attorneys, CPA’s, Realty brokers, stock speakers, our own members, and some of the best real estate gurus from around the country!  We have investors of all levels. First time Visitors are welcomed to visit for $20 (which we will credit towards your membership if you join the same night). For Membership Click on the “Join” Link above for form to print and mail. We usually meet on the 4th Monday of each month at 6pm. Click on “Map & Directions” link for location. See “Benefits” Link for more details of membership. If you are serious about learning how to make money in Real Estate, join us for the best education, and networking in Birmingham. Bring a note pad, and plenty of your business cards, and get to know fellow investors to learn how they do what they do! For more Information, visit our Core Values page or contact:

 Jack Eyer JEInsurance@aol.com (205) 823-9008

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Alabama Real Estate Investors

Alabama Real Estate Investors
LUNCH Edgars-Colonade 9-8-2020

Highway 280/I459 at 1:15 for Lunch

Address: 3407 Colonnade Pkwy, Birmingham, AL 35243

205-586-4260 cell

For those that don’t know, our friend to the club who has spoke to our members multiple times, has just release a book on Flipping. The price may expire Sunday, He is trying to get an extension, but don’t take a chance and order now.
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Bruce Glenn
“First Flip”
30 Years of Secrets, So Your First Flip Isn’t a Flop

I have a great deal for you that is an actual win/win situation! You may or may not already know, but I recently published my first book! It’s called “First Flip,” and I’m running a special for the next couple of weeks. I’ve got it priced at only $0.99 for the downloadable e-book version!


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By the way, you don’t need to read the entire book to offer a great review. If you find a chapter or two that interest you, then read those and provide comments in your review about those chapters. Of course, I’d love you to read it all, but this may provide a simpler way to offer a review quicker. Here is the link, and thanks so much!

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Bruce Glenn

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JACK EYER – 205-586-4260 cell


Come Meet-Up With Like Minded People!


First Tuesday Monthly

Birmingham Alabama

Alabama Real Estate Investors

Off Market REO’s will be shared if you are Active right now. Members free & guests $20 or sign up at the meeting.


SATURDAY CLASS-  THE MILLIONAIRE CLUB- Learn how to become one. At Retirement, you are going to need it to live out life.
Saturday – JOIN and RSVP at  https://meetup.com/Alabama-Real-Estate-Investors-Association/.

205-586-4260 cell

PS: PS. “Do not miss our Real Estate & Wealth Building Classes on Sat. mornings at 10 am?” You must RSVP Jack for a seat! 

 Alabama Real Estate Investor Association

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