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Healthy and Wealthy

Healthy and Wealthy: How Planning Can Boost Your Well-Being By Rob Williams – July 28, 2016 Key Points Researchers have identified interesting links between health and wealth that underscore the benefits of planning. Even if you’re not a born planner,

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AIA LADIES NIGHT Monday night 5:30 at Vestavia Chamber Conference room Vestavia Chamber conference room will host the “AIA LADIES Meeting” on this Monday night @ 1975 MerryVale Road Vestavia Hills 35216. It is actually right on 31 hwy, but the turn in is

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Home Depot ProDesk Reps

Thank You! to Our Home Depot ProDesk Reps Chasity &  Demika Came to our last meeting to share their products and advice!

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10 Financial Mistakes Rich People Never Make

10 Financial Mistakes Rich People Never Make Image credit: Shutterstock Daniel Ally Contributor Self-Made Millionaire & Business Expert December 29, 2015 I hear people giving financial advice all the time. Most of them aren’t rich. Those who are rich would disagree with what many charlatans preach.

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Top 10 Investment Markets

Top 10 Investment Markets for Single-Family Rentals   By Brad Beckett on November 25, 2015 Rentals HousingWire recently reported the top 10 investment markets for single family rentals (SFR’s).  Using data from HomeUnion, the top 10 cities were: Charlotte-Concord-Gastonia, North

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4 Monthly MEETINGS FOR AIA MEMBERS:  1st Tuesday : OF EACH MONTH –  BREAKFAST at EDGARS-COLONADE 8am  Contact : “PRIVATE LENDING”- get high interest with your CD money or Retirement IRA, and supply Investors with needed funding. BEGINS June

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Info-Attorney Brian Cloud

Please check out all the info has Brian has provided on the New Alabama LLC’s, Landlording and more! Click Here!    

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New Alabama LLC Law

In this document are some of the New Alabama LLC Laws Article – Alabama’s New LLC Act of 2014(4)

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Do you really need a bank?

Do you really need a bank? The answer may not be as clear-cut as it once was. Consider the alternatives. FIDELITY VIEWPOINTS – 07/24/2014 Stopping by the local bank branch used to be part of most Americans’ everyday routine, like

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Next Meeting

JULY AIA MEETING will be education on Financial Markets to help you grow and preserve your financial resources for a better way of life. Either Charles Schwab or Fidelity Investments will give us two hours on the financial marketplace going

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