Monday night 5:30 at
Vestavia Chamber Conference room

Vestavia Chamber conference room will host the “AIA LADIES Meeting” on this Monday night @ 1975 MerryVale Road Vestavia Hills 35216. It is actually right on 31 hwy, but the turn in is merryvale rd. It is the monthly Meet Up meeting for July! My cell number is below if you get turned around. Be there at 5:30
Bring a small amount of your favorite dessert for tasting, and coffee or water, will be supplied. Plans are to do one of these ladies meetings per quarter if you all want to. I want a couple of ladies to step up, and lead this effort to involve all AIA ladies. AIA will do our best to meet your needs, and concerns, so you can do MORE Real Estate Investing. That is what this is all about plus networking. Let me hear your needs and concerns- contractors is likely #1, and can plan for in the next meeting.

I will speak a bit Monday on “Why Real Estate Investing compared to  Stock Market Investing is safer, more consistent, with great tax advantages for you if needed, with virtually no downside risk, that Tenants are not willing to pay for?”  Building Wealth over time with Real Estate for anyone who likes the idea of Real Estate, can be a terrific retirement plan. I have done both since 1975, plus some other things, that may help you in your planning. If this subject is currently something hot with you and your mate, that he needs to hear, then bring him, and we will do our best to get him in the room or can meet with both later 1 on 1. Bring calculators, and I will have TWO very key Tax Forms for you to learn & Master. Maybe even show briefly, how I built my own Banking System for real estate that I have never gotten turned down on for a loan, and how I funded  my personal Real Estate investing for 35 years. For me, and to my knowledge, there is no better Financial Plan than what I will show you Monday night (free)- if you are ok with real estate?


Jack Eyer CSCS
205-586-4260 cell